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Volume 28, Number 3, Jul-Sep 2018


131 – Neoasjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: time for an appraisal.
Max Senna Mano.


 134 – Genetic and demographic factors of a brazilian population sample at-risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
Guilherme Olivetti Guarneri, Bruno Jerônimo Ponte, João Henrique Fregadolli Ferreira, Leonardo Kenji Nesi Mitsutake, Murilo Henrique Guedes, José Cláudio Casali-da-Rocha.

156 – A predictive model for axillary lymph node pathologic complete response in premenopausal breast cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a cross-sectional study in a latin-american population.
Carolina Benavides Duque, Luis Fernando Zapata Pérez, Ana María Fidalgo Zapata, Laura López, Elsa Vásquez, Javier Cuello López .

163 – Surgical breast clipping for delimitation of radiotherapy dose in breast cancer.
Jailson Rodrigues Mendes, Diego de Carvalho Silva, Taíla Sousa de Moura Fé, Antônio Marques de Medeiros Neto, Walberto Monteiro Neiva Eulálio Filho, Sabas Carlos Vieira.

169 – Epidemiological profile of breast cancer in a reference hospital in the north region.
Francianne Silva Rocha, Wellington dos Santos Silva, Eliude Rodrigues do Nascimento, Alessandra Marques Bacciotti.

176 – Comparison between magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonography as the best examination to measure malignant breast tumors in surgical planning.
André João Rodrigues Espelho Rossi, Ana Claudia Garabeli Cavalli Kluthcovsky, Fábio Postiglione Mansani.